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Book Your Live, Custom Game Show!

Zoomed direct to your event - all you need is a screen.

Are you an event coordinator, meeting planner, office manager, or group leader in need of that perfect, customized, professional entertainment piece for your corporate or private group event? Looking for a unique, fun teambuilding activity? Having a game night, party, or other social gathering? Discover Game Show Nite!

The Game Show Nite Experience

Using your phones as buzzers, you and your guests will play along to a one-of-a-kind, humorous, customized, live quiz show. Your game show host - Perch Mirkin - appears on screen and guides you through a lighthearted, interactive TV-style game show, calling out your guests by name as they move up and down the leaderboard. 

In-Person Event: Simply display the game show on a screen that everyone can see and hear. Guests play along from their seats using their phones or tablets!

Remote Event: Guests join the game on their own computers, and use their phones or tablets as their buzzers, from any location!

Fun, funny, can't-miss entertainment. It's a game show, but you can't lose. Game Show Nite is always a win-win!


Our TV-style game show opening is customized to include your group's name and logo.

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