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How do I book a show?

Click Request Info or Book. Send a message with questions/details about your event and we'll get right back to you.


How much does a show cost?

We offer multiple packages that include various levels of customization, from content to providing A/V elements. Please contact us by clicking Request Info or Book and we will be happy to discuss all the options with you.


How many contestants get to be in the show?

REMOTE: On our remote Zoom game, all of your guests play along to every question! Scoreboards are shown between each question, keeping the lighthearted competitive juices flowing throughout the entire game. 

LIVE: At a live show, all of your guests compete from their seats - using their phones as their buzzers - for a chance to come on stage and play at a podium for real prizes! There are three rounds of Crowd Play and three rounds of Stage Play, meaning the entire crowd plays along throughout the show while 9 total contestants will be called up on stage and cheered on/heckled by their friends or coworkers.

Are there real prizes?

REMOTE: We recommend that you provide prizes to the top 3 finishers in your game. You can always choose to provide more prizes as well. Our announcer and/or host will mention the prizes your group is playing for, during the show. But it's all up to you.

LIVE: Yes! All show packages include prizes that are a combination of cash and merchandise. There is a standard cash prize pool of $250 included in all packages. This is split up into separate cash prizes for each round of the game (Rounds 1-3 and the Bonus Round). We can also work with you if you would like to lower or raise this amount (some groups we've worked with have raised the prize amounts significantly.) These changes would be reflected in the cost of your package. Alternately, you can provide all prizes yourself (such as employee incentives) and take the $250 off your package rate.


How does customization work?

We offer two levels of customization. With our Standard Customization, your event's name, location, the name of your group, and any logos will appear in the opening of the show (the opening theme song video shown on the home page), plus the host will mention the name of your group at the top of the show. No further info is required from you. With our Premium Customization, we'll work with you before the event to gather information about your company, group, or guests by sending you an extensive questionnaire and discussing your goals with your point person/people, and then craft brand new content specifically for your group. Once we prepare the custom content and dialogue that we plan to use in the show, we will submit everything to you for approval - and make any revisions - so you know we've got everything 100% right. You will always get a chance to approve all custom content.


Do you travel?

We travel within the Southwest U.S. region. Game Show Nite Productions is based in Phoenix, and our Live event area includes: Southern California, Southern Nevada (including Las Vegas), and all of Arizona. There are associated travel costs that will be worked into your quoted price, based on how far we need to travel. These are things we will discuss when formulating your quote and contract. IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THIS REGION, consider our Remote option for live events. Our game can be played in its entirety on a big screen at your event, with your guests playing along from their seats using their phones as buzzers, while the host on screen guides them through the hilarious game show.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, Game Show Nite Productions carries liability insurance for all live events.


Is there a set for the live game show?

Yes, our live show has a full set that travels with us and can be assembled in about 1.5 hours. We use this time to prep the set, including game show podiums, buzzers, backdrop, the prize wheel, etc. In addition to the set, we will need some time to set up the electronic elements of the show. If you have an A/V team already in place at your event, we will just need a few minutes to meet with them in advance of the show. NOTE: Our Game Show Lite packages do not include the set pieces and wheel, and therefore can be set up in a shorter time frame - about 1 hour.


What are the space requirements for the show?

The full-sized set for the live Game Show Nite requires a space that is at least 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall. However, if you have a smaller space, our Game Show Lite option offers roughly the same show, but without the game show prize wheel and the big set pieces. If you have the space, though, we highly recommend the full set and the full Game Show Nite experience!


What about A/V elements?

If you or your event site already has an A/V set-up, as is often the case, usually we can simply hook into what is already in place. However, if you need us to supply any of the required elements - microphones, speakers, a projector and/or a screen - we can easily handle that! The costs will vary based on what elements you need us to provide, whether it be one element or a full A/V treatment. By default, we always provide an HDMI splitter and cords (always carefully taped down!) to send the signal from our computer to the contestants' monitors, and to the projector/TV at your event.


Can you do more than one show at an event?

Yes! There is a significant discount for booking multiple shows for one event. Additionally, if you are looking for trade show or convention entertainment that would entail multiple public-facing shows in one day, we offer packages based on the number of shows, and other particulars about the event. Ask us for details.


How many actors are in the show?

There are multiple characters in the show aside from the contestants, including the host (Perch) and the announcer (Jonny). HOWEVER, only one actor is live at the event - the actor playing the host (along with a stagehand who occasionally gets in on the comedic action). The other characters humorously appear on video or in audio only (the announcer).


What is "Peeky-Boo"?

Peeky-Boo is the name of the funny, fictional game show played during the live Game Show Nite program. It contains a wide variety of elements your guests will love playing: trivia, picture puzzles, audio questions, and much more, all with a comedic twist. The game was designed by people who've made game shows and award-winning, comedic game show-style video games for decades. Oh, and there's the huge Peeky-Boo prize wheel, which everyone loves to spin!

What is "Are You Smarter Than a Newborn Baby?"?

This is the super-fun game show that is played during Remote events! It's a funny, not too tough quiz show that includes trivia, audio questions, picture questions and puzzles, and other surprises. We also sometimes have open public events where we play this game, and it's a big hit. It's a real crowd pleaser - and yes, your guests will be playing against a very smart newborn baby (kind of)!


Is there any adult content?

No, but some content has slightly mature themes. The show is completely appropriate for corporate crowds (as long as everyone at your company is at least 13 years old.) We can also tone down the few PG-13 aspects if the show if you have younger guests, all you have to do is let us know.


Do you do private parties?

Yes, while we specialize in corporate events, we happily perform at private events! We have even performed at birthday parties at homes with fewer than 20 guests. If you choose, we will customize content for your guest of honor (if, for example, it's a birthday or retirement party) or for any organization, school, marble-collectors society, hula dancing club, or biker gang annual meeting.


Okay, I'm convinced. How do I find out if my date is available?

Simply click Request Info or Book and we'll let you know if your date is available. Shows can book over six months in advance, so we suggest booking your show as soon as you know the date, to avoid losing an available slot.




Frequently Asked Questions

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