Get just a small taste of the humor and types        of games played in a Game Show Nite show!

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Live Show Reviews

"AMAZING!!! My group thoroughly enjoyed the Game Show event and Steve & Ryan were great! I will be providing your company information to my peers...Thank you again - your services were superb!!!" - Stephanie M., COX Communications, Inc.

"Just reaching out to THANK YOU again for coming to the conference. It was so GREAT!!! Everyone had a terrific time. Fun was had by all." - Jerri R., Wisconsin County Treasurers Association

"People were way more involved than the last three years. I really enjoyed it! Way better than last year: 'Ugh, another magic show?!'" - Lynn H., Ultimart.

"Everyone had so much fun! We try to find different things, but this is really great for small businesses. It's a great price point for small businesses" - Jill Z., Zacher Truck Service

"The event went really well! Everyone who saw the show really enjoyed it! It was fun for the contestants and a perfect option for people who wanted to sit down and be entertained." - Kayla S., Under Armour, Inc.

"I've been coming to these annual events for 7 years and this is the first time I actually enjoyed the entertainment!" - Earl "Duke," Nisqually Red Wind Casino

Remote Show Reviews

"I’m getting great feedback about the event! Just what we needed to break up the agenda and give us a fun activity outside normal business stuff. Thanks again! If you have a review/feedback let me know, would be happy to give you five stars!" - Steve B., Glanbia Nutritionals

"Everyone really enjoyed our host! I'm so glad he put a personal touch to it... I will definitely be booking something again in the near future!" - Christie A., Deckers Brands

"This is so funny!" - Dare R., Style Dots
"Well that was fun :)" - Denise D., Style Dots

"Very fun! thank you!" - LaRae M., Style Dots

"That went fantastic and I have gotten great feedback. Let me know how I can promote you guys online."- Chris T., Catapult Sports

"I can't recommend this enough." - Sean M, LIVE! player

"Totally saying @gameshownite is better than @hqtrivia."- Robert D, LIVE! player

"Just delightful! Really fun and made my week!"- Geoff M., LIVE! player