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Game Show Nite in-person entertainment is offered in the Greater Phoenix area.

Game Show Nite's in-person entertainment is 2-for-1 fun: a real quiz show - customized specifically to your group - that takes place within a funny, one-of-a-kind stage show. Your event guests are actively inserted in the show and participate in the performance as contestants. Have an event in the Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area? You've found your entertainment centerpiece!


How does it work?

Our super-interactive live game show is played in two exciting parts: Crowd Play and Stage Play. 


Crowd Play

Each round begins with all of your guests playing a comedic quiz show - from their seats - using their phones as their buzzers! No special apps are needed, anyone who has a phone or tablet can play right from their seat.  The live host guides players through questions and puzzles - all displayed on a big screen with music, sound effects, animations and more - to determine the top 3 scorers. These guests get to come up on stage to play a round for real prizes!

Stage Play

Now we are in full TV game show mode! The top finishers from the Crowd Play round are now on stage at podiums with electronic buzzers and a big giant spinning wheel, competing against each other as our host guides them through the game. The winner walks away with a prize (included in your package), and another Crowd Play round begins with the whole group!

After three rounds of Crowd Play and Stage Play, the top player gets to compete in the exciting and comedic final round for the grand prize!

Is it a real game show, or more like a comedy show?
It's both! The game is real, the prizes are real, and the contestants from your group are real. The game itself combines many beloved elements from classic game shows - trivia, word puzzles, picture puzzles, and yes, wheel-spinning! But the humorous host Perch Mirkin - played by actor, writer, comedian, and video game industry pro Steve Heinrich (Quiplash, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK) - is a fictional character, the "sponsors" are comedically fake, and voiceover announcer Jonny Lightning helps create a full game-show experience far beyond merely an emcee reading trivia questions. The result is like watching a taping of a real game show in which people you know are the contestants.


Customized? How?

The show can be expertly tailored to your company or organization on many levels, including game show content (such as questions), jokes and references made by the host, and company logos, images, and even videos shown within the game. We'll work with you before the show to gather information about your company or group and create a show that is perfectly tuned for your crowd. Or, if you would prefer to just sit back and let us do our thing, we'll lightly customize the show to your group without needing to gather much info from you beforehand.  

Game Show Nite in-person entertainment is professional, always appropriate for your audience, funny, unique, and an unforgettable affair. For businesses looking to boost organizational culture and increase employee engagement, it's an ideal team-building experience. For any occasion, your guests will get to live the dream of being on a real game show, winning prizes and outsmarting their opponents. Contact us today!


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- Request more info about your event in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Carefree, and the surrounding areas.
- Obtain a quote.
- Inquire about open dates .

Your Host, Perch Mirkin
Contestant Buzzing In
Penelope and Wendy
Contestants on Set
Spinning Prize Wheel
Game Show Nite Set
Prize Wheel Anticipation!!
Customized Picture Questions!
Dozens Of Funny Question Types
What does a rhino say?
Personalized Game Content
Can you spot the imposter?
Do you know this home?
Take a guess!
Audience Game Break
Not Potato

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