Remote Game Shows Via Zoom!

Now you can bring Game Show Nite to your remote meeting or party - or even a live event! Our Zoomable game show Are You Smarter Than a Newborn Baby? is a hilarious and fun way to engage everyone on your video conference, or everyone together in a room playing on a big screen. It's the perfect team-building activity!


Participants use their phone or tablet as their "buzzer," playing along and seeing their names on the scoreboards in a lighthearted, not-too-difficult comedic quiz show competition.

With many events such as holiday parties being held remotely, it can be tough to find an entertainment option that works well online. Bands, comedy acts, magicians and other traditional options unfortunately don't translate well to online events. Game Show Nite is a perfect fit. Your game show host appears on video inset, guiding players along while the screen plays the interactive, funny game show experience.

If you are having an in-person event, you can bring Game Show Nite to the festivities via Zoom on a large screen - this a very popular, cost-effective option! Everyone in the crowd plays along as a live host on screen guides players through a one-hour comedy quiz show extravaganza as guests play along using their phones as buzzers, watching their names go up and down on the scoreboard.

Whether you're hosting a remote or live event, our Remote game show option is the best entertainment choice you can make!

No app or software download is required. If your guests have a phone, they can play!

Contact us today to find out how Game Show Nite can bring the fun to your next remote event.