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When you book a Game Show Nite event, your game show will always be customized with a special TV-style show intro that features the name of your company, group, or person of honor (ex. the birthday girl), along with a logo or photo of your choice - we'll reach out to you! In addition, at least one question in each round of the game (total: 3 questions) will include a reference to your company/group/person in some way. Plus, your host will be calling our your guests and your group by name throughout the game.

Want greater customizaton? We offer our Premium option which adds fully customized questions specifically written for your company, group, or person of honor. This option is only available to book by contacting us, and includes additional fees. For more information, email us at

Which should I pick?

For most groups, we recommend our standard customization. It includes a wide variety of questions and puzzles on topics like movies, food, games, sports, music, nature, current events, and TV. If you are having a work conference and want to really test your employees on their knowledge of your company and industry, or if you are looking for more of a "pop quiz" for your guests, you might want to try Premium. Email us for more info.

Live Game Shows Via Zoom!

Game Show Nite brings our funny, customized, LIVE TV-style game show to your in-person event, remote meeting, or party! Our Zoomable game show Are You Smarter Than a Newborn Baby? is the most hilarious and fun way to engage everyone at your event - whether it be in-person or online!


Participants use their phones or tablets as their "buzzers," as our live host on

screen guides players through a

one-hour comedy quiz show

extravaganza. There are no apps

to download, all your guests need is an internet-connected phone or tablet!


It's simple! If your event is in-person, all you need is a screen to display the game show. If your event is remote (or if some guests are remote), remote guests can join from their own devices.

Every game show includes a customized TV-style show opening featuring the name and logo/image of your company or group!

Far from impersonal, your live game show host speaks directly to your guests, calling them by name and highlighting the top scorers in a not-too-difficult, lighthearted comedic quiz show competition.

Whether you're hosting a remote or in-person event, our Zoom game show is easily the smartest entertainment choice you can make!

No app or software download is required. If your guests have a phone, they can play!

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