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- Game Show Lite -
A Budget-Friendlier Option For Smaller Events

This version of our show features the same hilarious interactive game show content, just without all the bells and whistles of the full-sized game show set and prize wheel.


This show is easily travel-able and more compact for smaller spaces.

The show is slightly altered to remove the prize wheel moments, but otherwise the game plays the same as our full Game Show Nite show.

If you think Game Show Lite might be right for your event, drop us a line by clicking
REQUEST INFO or BOOK at the top of the page, and we'll be happy to discuss the all the options with you!

Perfect for:

  • team-building workshops

  • bachelor/bachelorette parties

  • retirement parties

  • small company retreats

  • shows outside our region, reducing shipping costs associated with the full set

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