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How Does It Work?

* You'll play a trivia game show against other players online (limited to 500 contestants).

* You'll use one screen to join the Zoom room and see the game show.

* You'll use a second screen (like your phone) as your controller/buzzer.

* Only the host is on video, you can play in your jammies.

* The 1st place finisher receives 50% of the kitty (50% of all registration fees).

* The 2nd place finisher receives a bag of Fun-Size Snickers candy bars.

* The 3rd place finisher receives a bag of Circus Peanuts candy. 

* The registration fee to play the one-hour comedy game show is $10.

* Multiple people can play using the same Zoom screen, but each player must register separately to be eligible for prizes.

* You'll receive full instructions and complete official rules when you register!


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