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 Our new, online game show with real cash prizes!

How Does It Work?

- You'll play a trivia game show against other players online (limited to 500 contestants).

- You'll use one screen to join the Zoom room and see the game show.

- You'll use a second screen (like your phone) as your controller/buzzer.

- The 1st place finisher receives the Grand Prize. 2nd and 3rd place winners also receive a prize TBD.

- Cost to play and enjoy the one-hour comedy game show is only $3.

- You'll receive full instructions when you register!


Next show:

Next show:

Thursday 10/29/20

9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT

These people beat the baby on 10.16.20!

Congrats to everyone who accomplished the amazing  feat!

Who will make our next Smartboard?

Try your luck on 10.29.20!

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